We are pleased to invite you to our humble all travelers staying in our small but charming town which is Zagan. We would like to offer quiet accommodation and rest in the nineteenth-century granary converted into guest house hostel now. Attracting attention from outside the characteristic half-timbered walls from which it is built. The quiet and peaceful place is picturesque and landscaped park which is located adjacent to our house Noclegowy. It is next to a beautiful pond near which flows the river Beaver.

Serdecznie zapraszamy!

Legend "Of unhappy miller's daughter"

Street. Iron , in Sagan on the edge of the park surrounding the Palace of Culture , the Beaver near the bridge leading to the Moczyń , is guest ' Mlynowka " . The former granary , built half-timbered in the mid-nineteenth century, then in the vicinity was still called . upper mill . It is from this mill is related to our legend . Sad story should be a warning to parents who want to absolutely decide the fate of the children. This was a very, very long time ago.
Bruno Miller was a wealthy man. With his mill used almost all of the local peasants and heirs . Bruno had one child - a daughter Marianne . Beautiful młynarzówna receive dowry was correct , because my father hoped that future son-in will be equally rich . Girl long , however, did not think about marriage , rejecting subsequent paternal candidates to her hand . The feeling in her heart aroused only modest farmhand to help the mill . Matthew was pretty , but it prompted Marianne to look closer to the boy . Farmhand scored on offense which almost cost him his life .
Well liked Marianna stroll in the sunny summer days the banks of the dam , near the mill wheel . The falling water created a cascade of glistening drops reflecting the light that formed a miniature rainbows . Once młynarzówna slipped on the dewy grass and fell into the river. It would certainly fell under the water wheel , if not for Matthew, who saw what happened. He rushed to the rescue , rescued the girl , but he struck the wheel could have died . That's what woke love młynarzówny , which have long yearned secretly .
Miller Bruno realized that between two young something happens. He forbade her daughter meeting with Matthew . Not the taste of him was the thought of such zięciu . He could reward farmhand money for saving the child, but of consent to marriage there could be no .
There was no other choice. Matthew had to leave the mill and regrets went to look for classes elsewhere. Meanwhile, the beautiful Marianna spun like a ghost in the house and spend hours sticking out the window and watching sadly return lover. Old miller is not sorrow deeply touched her daughter.
In a September day he took the miller Marianne market to market. Even the colorful goods shopkeepers not rozweseliły girl. A smile lit up her face only when the crowd saw Matthew . Young slipped away from the noisy crowd . They found a quiet corner in the shadow of the city wall and enjoyed his presence . Vigilant Bruno found them quickly , chased the boy , and took her daughter home. She had to sit in the mill until wiser and finally choose a wealthy candidate's spouse . Młynażówna was adamant and preferred to die of hunger than to marry without love . And so it happened .
Only the death of the only child to Bruno realized , as he was a tyrant . In what he now fortune when he is not who leave . He lost his flair for work and a mill eventually deteriorated and turned into disrepair. It was said that he wanted to find Matthew Bruno usynowić to him , but the boy disappeared without a trace . When the old , bitter and ill miller died , no one came to his funeral . Crash soon acquired a new owner . After a year on the Bober again was spinning mill wheel , a sound working riddles pointed out that the new flour is poured through a sieve and przetaki .
Mill buildings are gone. About the old mill resembles only guest . Living near herding say that on clear summer nights , the place where he was a weir , there is sometimes ethereal female figure . It is reportedly unhappy Marianna, who is still waiting for her beloved Matthew .


We have 30 beds in rooms 1, 2, 3-passenger. Rooms create a unique, romantic klimat. Price of breakfast - 15 PLN. We offer accommodation from 20 zł labor and employee lunches (very large portions) from 10 zł. We bring to the workplace or on site at the guesthouse. When booking places for more people and for longer stays prices are negotiable!

Room rates from 20 PLN /person/night

Check-in day starts at 1400 to 1000 the next day.
Cancellations later than hours. 900 on the date of stay. In the absence of notification - payment of 30% of the day accommodation. During the weekends in the absence of notification - payment for the whole of the planned stay



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